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No Bank Qualifying, Everyone's Approved, Start Processing Checks Within Minutes.
PLUS !!! It's Great COMPLETELY Web Based With No Software To Download.

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PrintMyCheck allows your customers to pay for goods and services using their personal or business checking account from your web site.


Everyone's talking about PrintMyCheck. This revolutionary software "PrintMyCheck" enables you to use your  existing FDIC insured bank account and banking relationships to process online check payments . You can have your New Merchant Account account up & running within minutes NO CREDIT CHECK and NO TEDIOUS APPROVAL PROCESS. ANYONE WITH A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS IS APPROVED..


Why Accept Checks?


Close the Sale and expand your market by up to 50% - Only 50% of the buying public has a working credit card while 90% have a checking account.


 89% of U.S. adults have a checking account
 86% of all business payments are by check
 23% of households do not have a credit card
 45% of all credit card holders are within 5% of their credit limit
 83% of all consumer bills are paid by check
 80% of all non-cash payments are by check
 10 million households without credit cards are online
 74.6 million Internet check transactions in 2001
 233 million Internet check transactions in 2002
 Over 520 million Internet check transactions in the first
   3 quarters of 2004. That's up 70 million from 2003.

(The statistics quoted above were gathered from NACHA and the U.S. Federal Reserve)

Checks are the largest non-cash payment method for consumers today!
Even credit card companies depend on checks for bill payment.


Benefits of accepting checks online through PrintMyCheck:


 NO Bank Qualifying
 NO Payment Delays

 NO Equipment Leases

 NO Credit Card Chargeback Headaches

 Plus Print mailing labels & envelopes.

 Plus Works on all computers - PC, Mac, Linux etc.

 Plus Automatic updates & system enhancements.

 Plus Merchant Live Support!


Better than CREDIT CARDS,  ACH electronic payments.

No restrictions or fees. Eliminate waiting for "checks in the mail."


Accept checks by phone, fax, email or online website. Print My Check (tm) instantly converts customer data to 100% legal bank checks ready for deposit. 

Customers can pay you by phone, fax, email or website using their checking account. Checks can be entered manually or entered automatically via a virtual shopping cart or a customized "Buy Now" pay link inserted into your website. Easily export to bettercheck.com, for instant check verification to avoid bounced checks. Now simply print your customers check payment and it's ready for deposit into your bank account ...


it's so simple When ready to ship you can also print your shipping labels directly from your PrintMyCheck customer database.

How It Works,

Simply register with "PrintMyCheck", fund your account, create your checkout links and your ready to sell. At the end of the day simple select the print all option to print the days checks and your ready to head to the bank. 

We do not require that your customers register with us before they can pay you. We do not limit what products or services you can sell or the dollar amounts that you can charge. You have total control over your merchant account.




We know we provide a great service but we also know we have to earn your trust. You'll have a great experience with us - We Guarantee It


Consumer Support Contact Information
Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST.
Email: sales@printmycheck.com

Never Be Shutdown Again 

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Great service just love how quick and easy it is to use printmycheck.com
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